xigmatek nebula

Xigmatek Nebula

November 7, 2013 paia 0

Improving on design concept and interior hardware placement, Nebula will defiantly put light into your home entertainment system and make your entertainment setup look more classy and luxurious.

Thermaltake SD101

Thermaltake SD101

September 9, 2013 paia 0

From petite desktop option to home theatre enjoyment, the minimalistic proportions, yet sleek front panel creates an exquisite lifestyle.

Cooler Master RC-110

Cooler Master RC-110

September 6, 2013 paia 0

Small cube, compact ITX chassis, removed unnecessary drives, design is more simple and natural.

Lian-Li PC-TU100

September 3, 2013 paia 0

Continuing the briefcase design concept, the compact PC-TU100 is the ultimate LAN case.